Lamplight Lunch: Overdose Prevention Sites

New date!
Thursday, June 24, 12 pm
Zoom discussion

Bring your own lunch and join us to learn about overdose prevention sites (OPS). We'll be joined by some friends who conducted the OPS Community Engagement Project, which examined the possibility of creating a site on Chicago's West Side.

Many of the individuals served by The Night Ministry struggle with opiod use disorder. Overdose prevention sites—also known as safe consumption sites—are legally sanctioned health service facilities that allow people to use pre-obtained drugs under the supervision of trained staff, such as nurses. The sites are designed to promote the safety of people who use drugs and the general public. They give people a safe, clean place to use their drugs and staff who can step in immediately and administer treatment if an overdose happens. Sites also provide opportunities to educate people about opioid use disorder and recovery as well as connect them to treatment and other services they may need, such as medical care and housing.

LampLight Lunches are a monthly series about pertinent topics and how they intersect with our work at The Night Ministry. Join us the 3rd Friday of every month at 12 pm.

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