What Gives You Hope on Giving Tuesday?

The Night Ministry is sharing messages of hope from members of our community on Giving Tuesday, November 30. Scroll down to enjoy their messages and please make a donation to help us spread hope to Chicagoans struggling with homelessness and poverty.

“I absolutely love the quote that ‘hope will never be silent.’ Because I will never be silent. I’m always going to advocate for my young people, and just by knowing that I am - or that I have a voice that can alter something in their lives - definitely gives me hope for their future and, in return, gives them hope to move forward and better themselves.”

Brooke Thomas, Lead Case Manager, Youth Flexible Housing Pool

“The people who come to see us at the Health Outreach Bus face many challenges. Yet so many, even in the midst of the stresses they are under, will take the time to return a greeting, have a conversation, share a smile, even say, ‘thank you,’ when I help them. They share the goodness in themselves with me, despite the difficult circumstances they are living under.

“And when a client says, ‘thank you,’ when I help them, it gives me hope that I am doing some good in the community. It gives me hope that I can then help the next person I encounter.”

Juan Roca, Lead Outreach Minister, Health Outreach Bus

“What gives me hope is believing in the promise of young people.

”I’m from very humble beginnings, and if I didn’t have people who believed in my ability to evolve and to be the best version of myself, then how could I have thrived? The souls of the young people we serve are like seeds that we are just trying to manifest. They just haven’t gotten to the core of who they want to be because of trauma and because of life experiences up to this point. But with support they can get through those experiences.”

Felitha Jones-Patterson, Assistant Director of Youth Programs

“By working together, we can find a solution to the problems our clients are facing. It could be a small problem or a big challenge, but together we always find a solution. It may take five minutes, or it may take a day or longer, but we find a way to fix it. This gives me hope.

“If I don’t know what to do to address a challenge, I turn to my colleagues, and we figure it out together. And if The Night Ministry doesn’t have the solution, we work with our partner agencies to get our clients connected to the help they need.”

Carolle Derradji, Nurse Practitioner

“Making a difference and helping out with advocacy work gives me hope. It’s the fact that I can help people.

“Advocacy work is what I want to do with my career. Ever since what happened to me in my past, I’ve always had the stance that I want to do advocacy work so no one else has to experience something like I did.”

Mia, Youth 4 Truth member and Youth Advocate

“When Youth 4 Truth has guest speakers come to talk with us, the speakers are usually also doing something behind the scenes about what they come to talk about.

“One person came to talk about police reform and that same day, he was in a city council meeting talking about it. So, that really makes me hopeful, seeing the change be put into action. He didn’t just talk about change but was actually being a part of it.”

Persie, Youth 4 Truth member

“There are few problems in our lives that are so big that talking about them doesn’t relieve some of the stress that they cause. That’s what The Night Ministry gives to a lot of people—a listening ear and an opportunity to talk to lessen those burdens.”

Sam Okrent, Health Outreach Bus Volunteer

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