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New Board Chair Values Strong Relationships and Diversity

kiantae Kiantae Bowles joined The Night Ministry’s Board of Directors in 2012.

Kiantae Bowles has played multiple roles on The Night Ministry's Board of Directors, from Secretary to serving on the Finance Committee. Bowles, who is Manager of Informational Technology Procurement with BMO Financial Group, said the varied experience has prepared him for his latest position, that of Board Chair.

"Over the last eight years, I've definitely gotten to know how The Night Ministry works. Having developed relationships with people across the agency, as well as an understanding of the work staff do day in and day out, I realize how decisions made by the Board impact everyone, from staff to those whom we serve."

Bowles said as Chair he is working is ensure the Board continues to be fully integrated into the organization.

"It's important to make sure that what we do at the Board level is known throughout The Night Ministry. It's equally important that Board members are connecting with staff to let them know we support their work and with donors so we can communicate how essential they are to fulfilling our mission."

As The Night Ministry serves a wide range of clients, the organization places high value on diversity. Bowles sees that in action in the Board. 

"The great thing about that is we get a range of thought processes and experiences to make sure that we're doing what's right for the client. So whether that's someone who's had lived experience or someone who may have a close relative that dealt with homelessness or displacement, it's really given us an opportunity to get a different set of views and ideas on the way that we tackle things, ensuring that we are providing the best services we can," he said.

The current uncertainty in the economy is a concern for Bowles, as it may trigger some donors to pull back from charitable giving. But he's confident in the Board's ability to help financially navigate the organization through challenging times.

"We can make sure that we are diversifying our revenue streams even more than we already are, so that if one area does see some financial impact we have other streams of income and other opportunities that we can explore to be able to fill in gaps that need it," he said. 

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