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In My Own Words: Music Saved My Life


By Daniel Barber

Writing and performing music saved my life. When you're locked up, there's not much to do. I'd always loved poetry, so I spent my time reading, writing, and focusing on my vocabulary. Life doesn't always go your way, and to snap out of my depressive state, I had to put my thoughts into words on paper.

Being homeless is tough. But I wouldn't be the person I am today if I hadn't gone through it. And it's made my music real. You can tell if somebody's actually been through stuff, and you can relate to it. If you try to write about being broke and you've never been at the bottom, it's not going to be meaningful.

When I write, I get into character. That's where all the good songs come from, when I get into character. I start with a topic and let it flow. Sometimes I write about love. The love of my life passed away when I was locked up. I write about her a lot. My music is also about loving yourself. But I also go the dark side, look at the dark times and try to come to grips with what's happened in my life.

I come alive in the studio. I go in there to do my thing, and everything else disappears. I am very close with my producer. He's like my older brother. He helps figure out what I need to do, helps me find the right words. At some studios you don't get a good vibe, but I'm never nervous in his studio.

Right now my music is on Soundcloud, but I am focusing on getting onto a record label. If I can reach 500,000 people with my music and inspire them to lead a great life, I can rest. Until then, I can't die.

Daniel Barber performs as CMBWRLD. He is a former resident of The Night Ministry's Youth Housing Programs.

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