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New Zealand Free Clinic Director Visits The Night Ministry

Beth Stitely (right), Director of the Servants Health Centre in New Zealand, visits with The Night Ministry Nurse Practitioner, Bethany Hess, on the Health Outreach Bus.

We had a special visitor at the Health Outreach Bus earlier this month -- all the way from New Zealand! Beth Stitely, director of a free health care clinic in New Zealand, was in the Chicago area as a guest of the Illinois Association of Free and Charitable Clinics. On Wednesday, October 10, Stitely visited CommunityHealth's clinic and Th...

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Caribbean HIV Educator and Advocate Observes The Night Ministry’s Health Outreach Program

​Michael Thomas has seen the effects of stigmatization on HIV testing and education in his home country of Grenada. "There's a lot of stigma that prevents people from being comfortable and being able to go to the clinics to be tested," Thomas said. "We have situations where people in the communities that we work with are afraid to get tested,"...

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Meet Board Member Ike Hong

Ike Hong, a member of The Night Ministry's Board of Directors, is helping drive our 2018 Golf Outing. We talked with Hong, an engineer who runs his own construction management and real estate development business, about his engagement with The Night Ministry, which began nearly a decade ago. What attracted you to The Night Ministry? The mission. On...

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Clients Face Barriers to Hepatitis C Treatment

HIV Testing Coordinator John Werning offers free, confidential hepatitis C tests that deliver results in 20 minutes.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, new cases of hepatitis C (hep C), a deadly viral infection that affects the liver, have nearly tripled in the United States over the course of the decade. Risk factors for contracting the virus include having HIV, using intravenous drugs, and being part of the baby boomer generation, char...

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Volunteering with The Night Ministry Pays Off with Huge Dividends

Volunteer George Martin connects with clients of The Night Ministry's Street Medicine Program.

By George Martin Four years ago I heard about The Crib, one of the Youth Housing Programs run by The Night Ministry. At the time, the organization I had been volunteering with was shutting down. With my decades of experience as a volunteer coach with young people from different neighborhoods throughout Chicago and my involvement in feeding homeless...

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Illinois' Free and Charitable Clinics Weave a Safety Net for Uninsured and Underinsured

The Night Ministry's Outreach & Health Ministry Program provides free basic medical care to many individuals who otherwise would go without services.

By Paul W. Hamann,  MA, MNA President & CEO The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has increased health care coverage to approximately 670,000 low- and moderate-income Illinoisans through the expansion of Medicaid and 400,000 more through the marketplace. Yet significant gaps in health care access remain. Barriers such as affordability, transition ...

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Youth Outreach Evolves with the Times

A partnership with Chicago Adventure Therapy provides empowering activities like rock climbing to young people served by The Night Ministry.

You'll find The Night Ministry's Youth Outreach Van at the corner of Belmont and Halsted in Chicago every Thursday night, but the work of the Youth Outreach Team happens throughout the week. Many young people experiencing homelessness are drawn to the Lakeview neighborhood for services like safe space drop-in centers. But, said Youth Outreach Profe...

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Health Outreach Bus Rolls into the Loop

The Health Outreach Bus will make a special stop next week. Six days a week, the Bus brings free basic medical care, food, hygiene supplies, clothing, case management, and a sense of community to seven underserved neighborhoods across Chicago. On Friday, July 27, it will pull into the heart of the city for a visit to Daley Plaza during lunchtime. T...

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The Night Ministry Receives Cook County State's Attorney's Pride Award

​The Cook County State's Attorney's Office and its LGBT+ Employee Resource Group honored The Night Ministry with a Pride Award for its leadership and commitment to the LGBTQ community. Paul W. Hamann, The Night Ministry's President & CEO, accepted the award during a ceremony on June 26 at the Center on Halsted. Also honored that evening we...

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2018 Lighting Up the Night

​The Night Ministry focused on the ways it addresses the complexity of homelessness during Lighting Up the Night, its Annual Awards Dinner & Auction, held June 12, 2018. "At The Night Ministry, we recognize that there is no single cause of homelessness, that it instead results from the intersection of several factors, such as affordable ho...

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New Chicago City ID Program Gets Input from The Night Ministry and Its Clients

How often do you use your driver's license or state ID to prove your identity? Would you be able to get a job, enroll in school, or find a home without one? Yet, for individuals experiencing homelessness, the process of obtaining identification required to find work, secure stable housing, and access public services is often complex and confusing. ...

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Vistex Founder Sanjay Shah Talks with CS about His Support for The Night Ministry

Sanjay Shah, Founder and CEO of Vistex, recently spoke with CS magazine about his involvement with The Night Ministry.  "The Night Ministry is one of the few organizations I have had the opportunity to work with that brings services directly to the most needy people in the most challenging places," he said. Shah is chairing this year...

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The Associate Board: Passion, Diversity, and Service

It's really easy to be passionate about The Night Ministry, isn't it? Look at the incomparable work we are doing, the communities we are serving, and the incredible staff members who inspire so many of us on a daily basis. But what really puts it over the top for me is serving alongside an unbelievably passionate, diverse, and committed group of As...

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Youth Programs Respond to Mental Health Needs of Clients

Nearly 70% of young people experiencing homelessness face mental health issues, according to the report "Missed Opportunities: Youth Homelessness in America," released by Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago late last year. Helping young people addresses these challenges is part of the comprehensive continuum of care provided by The Night Minis...

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Nurse’s Corner: Meet Sandra Collins, Firefighter and Nurse Practitioner

Sandra Collins's job as a Nurse Practitioner with The Night Ministry's Street Medicine Program dovetails with her work as a firefighter with the City of Chicago. "Both careers put me in the position to help people in times of distress," Collins said. "At the firehouse, I am also a paramedic and see some of the same health issues and even some of th...

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Addressing the Factors in Youth Homelessness on a Daily Basis

1 in 10 young adults ages 18 to 25 and 1 in 30 adolescents experience homelessness over the course of a year in America. That's about 4.2 million people. These sobering statistics come from the first comprehensive national study on the prevalence of youth homelessness in the United States. The report, "Missed Opportunities: Youth Homelessness in Am...

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Meet Board of Directors Vice Chair Mark Warren

For Mark Warren, serving as Vice Chair of The Night Ministry's Board of Directors allows him to play an active, ongoing role in providing hope, compassion, and encouragement to individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty in Chicago. We asked Mark, a management consultant at Point B, to share what drives his engagement with The Night Ministry....

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Street Medicine Team Offers Mobile Health Care and Compassion

With winter in full effect, The Night Ministry's Street Medicine Team is offering cold-weather support to individuals living in encampments across Chicago, with news about impending weather-related emergencies, referrals to shelters and warming centers, blankets, coats, warm socks, and gloves, as well as information about hypothermia. Consisting of...

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