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“There are a lot of people struggling in their own homes.” Sheltering-in-Place When There Is Conflict in the House

Staying at home during the pandemic can be difficult when there is family conflict. Photo by Jon Tyson.

M. has a place to shelter in place. But they don't feel safe there. "I'm staying with my mom. It's just not a good environment," they said. M., who is 20 years old, ran away a few years ago to get away from the conflict at home. They returned because being out on the streets was worse. They'd like to get their own place but faces several hurdles. "...

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Case Manager Helps Crib Guests Track Down Their Stimulus Checks

Guests of The Crib overnight shelter are among the millions of Americans waiting for their stimulus checks.

Millions of Americans are anticipating their federal government stimulus checks authorized by the CARES Act. Among those are young adults who are currently sheltering in place at The Crib, The Night Ministry's emergency shelter. Youth Outreach Team Case Manager, Michelle Thomas, is helping them sort out the situation. "There have been a lot of misc...

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Your Response to this Crisis is a Prologue to the Future

The Night Ministry's Outreach & Health Ministry Program, including the Health Outreach Bus, continues to serve Chicagoans experiencing homelessness and poverty during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A letter from Paul W. Hamann, President & CEO of The Night Ministry April 14, 2020 Dear Friends,  "The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected." The above quote, attributed to Robert Frost, is one of my favorites. It is a quote about which I have been thinking a lot lately, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our communit...

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Webinar: Chicago's Homeless & The Night Ministry During COVID-19

Watch the replay of this webinar below

How are the coronavirus and its impact on our economy and society affecting young people, adults, and families experiencing homelessness and poverty? What adjustments has The Night Ministry made so it can continue to serve during these challenging times? What can you do to help support our work and to help make sure the needs of Chicago's homeless ...

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Construction at 1735 North Ashland Nears Completion

Despite the radical transformations to daily life brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are making tremendous progress at 1735 North Ashland, the future home of The Crib overnight shelter and our Health Outreach Program and home office. Construction is moving at a rapid pace, and we expect to be completed in the next few weeks! The photos below...

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Our Mission Will Not Change

The Night Ministry's STEPS Transitional Living Program continues to provide safe, supportive shelter for young adults experiencing homelessness and their children during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A letter from Paul W. Hamann, President & CEO of The Night Ministry March 23, 2020 Dear Friends, The order for all Illinois residents to stay at home is in effect, but The Night Ministry, with your support, continues to provide essential services to young people and adults experiencing homelessness or poverty in Chicago. Last Wednesday morning,...

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Fulfilling Our Mission during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Night Ministry's Health Outreach Bus continues to visit underserved neighborhoods in Chicago six days a week..

​A letter from Paul W. Hamann, President & CEO of The Night Ministry (Please note some conditions have changed since this letter was originally published) March 16, 2020 Dear Friends, On behalf of the thousands whom The Night Ministry serves, thank you for your support of our mission to provide housing, health care, and human connection to...

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Advocacy Alert: COVID-19 Emergency Federal Funding

Did you know that The Night Ministry's Health Outreach Bus and Street Medicine Program do not qualify for the COVID-19 emergency funding passed by Congress? That's because the funds are limited to "Federally Qualified Health Centers" (FQHC's) and our programs operate as "Free and Charitable Clinics," which the Federal government does not consider a...

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Before the Bus Hits the Road

Watch the video below to learn what it takes to get the Health Outreach Bus ready to hit the road. It's more than just jumping on board and starting the ignition. 

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Chicago's 100-Day Challenge of Youth Homelessness

The 100-Day Challenge on Youth Homelessness is focused on innovative ways to end homelessness among young adults in Chicago.

We are nearing the end of the 100-Day Challenge on Youth Homelessness in Chicago, a push to stably house 225 individuals ages 17 to 24 who are experiencing homelessness. According to Chicago's Dashboard to End Homelessness, at any given time, there are approximately 1,500 young adults ages 18 to 24 on the city's list for transitional living program...

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Budget Process Is Focused on Needs of Clients and Rooted in Strategy

Growth in The Night Ministry yearly budget has been in line with the agency’s strategic goals and focused on better meeting the needs of clients served through programs such as the Health Outreach Bus.

How is the yearly budget for an organization with multiple programs serving more than 6,000 individuals per year formulated? "We empower our department directors and program managers to drive the budget process, as they know firsthand what the needs of The Night Ministry's clients and staff are," said Erin Ryan, Senior Vice President. Directors and...

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Dear Chicago

Julie, Tone, and Rich read Youth 4 Truth’s “Dear Chicago” letter at Night Lights, The Annual Gala of The Night Ministry’s Associate Board, held in October.

Members of Youth 4 Truth, The Night Ministry's leadership development program for young adults, have written an open letter to Chicago about how our city inspires them and what they would change about it. When we think of Chicago, we think of "hustle." All over the city, people are coming up and doing their thing. Up north, the sidewalks are filled...

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Street Medicine Widens Its Impact with More Staff and New Vehicle

The new Street Medicine Van is customized to allow team members to better serve their clients.

What started as a pilot project with a few members of The Night Ministry staff visiting encampments a once a week has blossomed into a robust outreach program making deep inroads into Chicago's homeless population. With the addition of three new full-time staff members, the Street Medicine Program is now on the road six to seven days a week, usuall...

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What Is Home?

This holiday season, The Night Ministry is asking members of its community what home means to them.

"Home for the holidays" is a phrase heard often this time of year. But what does "home" mean for individuals who have experienced homelessness? Teresa, who recently found permanent housing with the help of The Night Ministry's Street Medicine Team, said home means stability. "It's a place where I can get myself together. I can look for a job now. I...

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Holiday Celebrations Provide Both Cheer and Essentials to The Night Ministry’s Clients

The Night Ministry is celebrating the holidays with the individuals and families whom we serve.

Every year, with the support of so many of its friends, The Night Ministry holds holiday celebrations for the individuals and families served through all of its programs. A major part of the celebrations are the over 1,200 holiday stockings that are being distributed this week during celebrations at the Health Outreach Bus and by the Street Medicin...

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Board Chair Alicia Pond Values Devotion of The Night Ministry’s Board and Staff

Alicia Pond joined The Night Ministry’s Board of Directors in 2008.

For Alicia Pond, Chair of The Night Ministry's Board of Directors, being a Chicagoan involves taking an active role in making the city a better place. "Your community can be your neighborhood, but your community is also the larger city. And being a member of the community means caring for one another," she said. We spoke with Pond as she winds down...

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In My Own Words: Felons or Humans?

Individuals who have spent time in prison or jail face many obstacles in obtaining stable housing upon release.

According to the Prison Policy Initiative, individuals who have been incarcerated are ten times more likely to experience homelessness than the general public. The following essay is by Richard B., a member of Youth 4 Truth, The Night Ministry's leadership and advocacy group for young adults. Richard experienced homelessness after he was released f...

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Housing Instability and Inadequacy Common among Health Outreach Bus Clients

Surveys of visitors to the Health Outreach Bus tell us that 25% of those whom we serve at the Bus are literally homeless, living on the streets, in a shelter, or in a place not meant for human habitation.

Housing instability and inadequacy are challenges that impact nearly all of the visitors to The Night Ministry's Health Outreach Bus. That's according to findings from the sixth annual Outreach & Health Ministry (OHM) Street Survey, conducted by the agency's Mission Fulfillment department earlier this year. One in every four Bus guests report h...

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The Night Ministry Transitions out of Its Ravenswood Headquarters

Members of The Night Ministry staff load boxes in preparation for the agency's departure from its Ravenswood office.

After 17 years in the neighborhood, The Night Ministry is moving its home office out of Ravenswood. The Chicago-based non-profit, whose mission is to provide housing, health care, and human connection to individuals struggling with homelessness or poverty, will be relocating its central administration, as well as Health Outreach staff, to a fa...

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Latest 1735 Construction Photos

Construction continues at 1735 North Ashland, the new home of The Crib overnight shelter, Outreach & Health Ministry Program, and central administration.

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1735 North Ashland Avenue, Suite 2000, Chicago, IL 60622 | 773-784-9000
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