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Pregnant & Parenting Youth

More than 800,000 young women under the age of 20 become pregnant each year in the United States.

Often young people who become parents before age 20 come from disadvantaged backgrounds or have been physically or sexually abused.

 Young parents struggle with poverty, lack of education, lack of supportive services, and more. Having a child as an adolescent has serious affects on the health, education, and economic well being of young parents and on their children.

Young mothers are less likely than their peers to complete high school or college. Some research has shown that young fathers leave school earlier than other young men.

Teenagers who give birth once are at much greater risk to give birth again while still teenagers. The children of adolescents have a high risk of being born premature and of living in poverty.

Many times, the young person’s pregnancy or early parenting causes difficulties on top of an already difficult family situation. Young women are slowly pushed out of the home to find a place with extended family or friends. Some of these young women don’t have a permanent place to stay – they become homeless.

To break the cycle, pregnant and parenting youth need large amounts of support, comprehensive services, and solid adult role models to help them transition into adulthood, raise healthy children, and support themselves and their families.

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