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Rapid HIV Testing & Education

The Night Ministry Outreach & Health Ministry staff are trained to do Rapid HIV Testing, education, and prevention. We provide Rapid HIV, STI and Hepatitis C testing at the Health Outreach Bus, our youth shelter programs, and at a variety of other locations where we collaborate with partner agencies.

In late 2015, The Night Ministry added rapid testing for syphilis to its services. We are the only provider in the country using the test in a mobile setting.

Additionally, The Night Ministry has introduced a new rapid HIV test to our program sites that will help us detect HIV even sooner. Our previous testing devices would test for antibodies, which means that they would detect a new case of HIV at about 3 months post-transmission. The new test looks for antigens, which are present about 1 month post-transmission. The tests will tell our team if antigens are present (signifying a very recent transmission), antigens & antibodies (signifying a relatively new transmission), or antibodies (signifying a longer period of time since the transmission has occurred). By offering this improved testing technology, The Night Ministry can inform people of their HIV status earlier and reduce the number of new HIV transmissions in our community.

Fiscal Year 2016 data

HIV Testing
575 rapid HIV tests and counseling sessions

STI Testing
37 screenings for sexually-transmitted infections

Hepatitis C
76 screenings for Hepatitis C

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