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Activities For Residents

Activities for our Response-Ability Pregnant & Parenting Program clients revolve around each young mother's specific, immediate needs. A monthly activity calendar is created that details in-house groups as well as external program participation.

Parenting Skill Development

RAPPP staff help program participants to increase relationship and parenting skills through group sessions as well as teachable moments in the daily shelter setting. The focus is on helping teen moms to understand child development, and incorporate the needs of their child in the context of the mother's own life.

Topics include:
- taking care of your physical self
- increasing listening skills
- self-motivation
- gaining and maintaining a positive attitude
- how to do laundry and iron
- organizational skills
- time management skills
- how to make beds, sweep, and other household chores
- how to dress your child appropriately for the season and weather
- work ethic and more

Life Skill Development

RAPPP staff educate residents using the Response-Ability Pregnant & Parenting Program Family Life and Parenting Curriculum. The material is presented in group settings as well as teachable moments in the daily shelter setting.

Topics include:
- foundations of bonding with your child
- infant development
- infant/child health and safety
- healthy and affordable eating for your child and self
- good discipline practices
- caring for yourself
- responsible sexuality
- healthy relationships
- life skills (using the Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment)


Many young mothers and their children who stay at Open Door Youth Shelter – Lakeview have not experienced Chicago’s wide variety of cultural opportunities. We’re fortunate to receive free tickets and funding to provide these experiences.

Outings include places such as:

- Chicago Children’s Museum
- Kohl’s Children’s Museum
- Lincoln Park Zoo
- Navy Pier
- Neighborhood festivals and events
- Beach outings
- Attending the movies and renting movies
- Taking children to the local park
- Special holiday celebrations

Purposes of activities:
- Engage youth positively with other youth in similar circumstances
- Help youth find ways to engage their children in a wide range of activities
- Empower youth by giving them the opportunity to do something they have always wanted to do
- Enable youth to step out of their “comfort zones” by experiencing something new
- Restore an experience they have enjoyed before, helping to “normalize” their shelter experience
- Learn productive use of leisure time

If you are interested in donating in-kind tickets, please contact Shannon at If you would like to volunteer, please see our volunteer page.

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