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Three Levels

Level One: Intake Status, new resident orientation
Clients spend a minimum of two weeks at this level.
Curfew: 9:00 pm Clients receive intensive, comprehensive one-on-one guidance about the expectations and standards that are held for cleaning and maintaining their environment, how to shop and prepare meals and more.Before moving to level two, clients must: 
  1. sign a Resident Contract
  2. obtain three valid forms of ID
  3. open a savings account
  4. Meet expectations with regard to behavior, curfew, weekly case plans and menus, groups, appointments, and room inspections. 
Level Two: Probationary Status
Clients spend a minimum of four weeks at this level.
Curfew: 10:00 pm with two nights of pre-arranged extended curfew or overnight passes upon request, permitted each month. Before moving to level three, clients must:
  1. Be employed and going to school or be fully employed
  2. Be putting a minimum of 60% of their income into their savings account
  3. Promptly pay their monthly program fee ($40)
  4. Attend weekly Life Skills class
  5. Continue meeting expectations for behavior, curfew, weekly case plans and menus, groups, appointments, and room inspections.
  6. Must have saved a minimum of $1,000

Once a client has met these expectations, they graduate to the highest level of independence in the program, the transitional status.

Level Three: Transitional Status
Clients may stay for up to 18 months
Curfew: 11:00 pm with extended weekend curfews upon request, in addition to four nights of extended curfews or overnight passes.If clients continue to meet expectations and program goals, they stay at this level. If clients do not continue to meet standards, their program status can be turned back.



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