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How Rapid HIV Testing Works

Each client receives pre-test counseling, which includes explaining how the test works and signing the consent form.

Then, the test sample is collected by wiping the inside of the cheek with an oral swab.
While waiting for the results, the counselor assesses the client's knowledge level about HIV and AIDS and behavior risks. Together, they develop a risk reduction plan for the client.

In 20 minutes, the result is ready. There are three (3) possible results:

1. A non-reactive test result means no antibodies were detected by the OraQuick test and you are probably not infected with HIV. However, if you have been infected with HIV in the past 3 months, it may be too soon for the test to find antibodies in your body.

2. A reactive test result means that HIV antibodies were detected by OraQuick. You are probably infected with HIV. A confirmatory test, using OraSure (an oral fluid sample collection) must be done. OraQuick is highly accurate.  People who receive a reactive test result are immediately referred to care. 

3. An invalid test result means that either the test device or the environment that the test was used in was faulty or inappropriate. If this occurs, we will retest.

What is the OraQuick Test?


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