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The youth and adults whom The Night Ministry serves are often creative -writing poetry, raps, essays, taking photographs or creating artwork using a variety media including pen and ink, collage, and paints.  Some of this work is created through our partnerships with creative organizations such as Blue Sky Inn, Picture This, or Raw Works. Other times, people bring us their artwork as gifts.

We are sharing this work with you so you can see and experience unique perspectives of those we serve. Please check back in May to see new work!

The Suicide Note

Yesterday I painted a picture with words
An instruction, a recipe for death
I’ve lived my life
Now it’s time for me to leave you
Sorry to beseech you
But I have to go
I can’t take this anymore, this life is a burning fire
That burns my skin and deep within
I live a tormented sorrow
So I don’t want to see another tomorrow
Knowing there will be pain in the future
I’d rather live in the pain of yesterday
I know what you’re going to say when I’m gone
That you love me, that you could have helped me
Brought me out wilderness of my aching spirit
But you could not, let me tell you, there’s nothing you can do.
This is my choice, it’s my decision
And there’s nothing you can do to change that.
Who am I fooling? I don’t want to die
But I’m hoping through death I can finally live
Because living now brings my soul to hell
Who am I fooling? You know I don’t want to leave you
Is that what you really think?
No matter how much pain you’ve caused me, I still love you
But if there’s something better, I’m going to try
I’m going to die to get away from these binds
Know that this isn’t the end, it’s only the beginning
And that I’ll always love you
Yesterday I painted a picture with words.
An instruction, a recipe for death
I’ve lived my life
Now it’s time for me to leave you
Sorry to beseech you
But I have to go.

- Leroy Kirk (Antwan’s Poem)


What is a home?
If you’re homeless,
What do you lack?
A home isn’t always
A place to call your own,
A hot meal, or a warm blanket.
A home is not always
A mom and a dad
A dog
A stocking hung by the fireplace
At Christmas
A home can be
A friend you crash with
Or a pillow in a box
Either way,
We’re not homeless
We have a home
Just not a house

- Rebel Mommy

What is an activist?

The people…

- Kasper



A Waterless Soul

I think about you
All the time
With this waterless soul of mine
I think about you leaving me
In this cold night of October
Your love keep pulling me down like an anchor
Deeper and deeper
In the cold sea I go
Until my soul can’t feel any more
Pain from you and anyone else
Weightless my mind goes in shock
Thinking of you
Is like a boat stuck in the middle of the sea
No where to turn
My arms wanting to hold you again
But farther and farther you go
away from shore
I’m sinking
Throw me a lifeline of love
Or I will sink in a waterless soul again.

- Rabbit


Fear is what hides in your soul,
That shows when you come across the unknown,
Or, when, in fact, you may know the unknown,,
The unknown is a funny thing when it shows
And fear can help you grow and come over your fear.

- William Cordero




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